Today, 6 kinds of the Turkish Red Crescent mineral waters with aroma (Lemon, Apple, Sour Cherry, Strawberry, Peach and Orange) have been pushed into market for customers’ pleasure. The Turkish Red Crescent Society has made such investments for the purpose of not only increasing its aid revenues but also fulfilling its leading and guiding mission in the sector of mineral waters. Today, the Turkish Red Crescent Mineral Water Facilities are the biggest mineral water enterprises in our country as well as in the Middle East and the Balkans with its total 110.000 bottles/hour filling capacity so as to be 30.000 returnable bottles/hour filling (classical filling and filling with fruits) and 81.000 non-returnable bottles/hour bottling. The mineral water produced in the mineral water factory which is the first and most modern factory in the Republic of Turkey is being sold throughout Turkey for 82 years and abroad for 8 years; and the excess of the revenues being thus obtained provides serious contributions to the funds which the Turkish red Crescent Society uses for the services of aids and natural disasters.